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Octopus in Flight

I found this pattern over at Corvus Tristis and just had to do it. The bunting is made of scrap T-shirt material – the shirt I was originally going to use for the ruffle on the T-shirt bag I made a little … Continue reading

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Circle skirt!

I found this tutorial to make a circle skirt a few months ago, but never had a chance to do anything with it since the closest fabric store is a good forty minutes away. Then Wal-Mart added a fabric section. $7.50 … Continue reading

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T-shirt bag! (This post rambles and jumps topic a lot. You have been warned.)

I found a tutorial for a ruffled T-shirt bag from UrbanThreads ( and thought, “Hey! I can do that!” (Note: I actually couldn’t. I can’t sew ruffles onto things. I was smart enough to realize that before I made more … Continue reading

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Most of the time, I look at the stuff I do and go, “Meh.” Occasionally, I look at it and go “How did I manage that one? There’s no way I’m good enough to do that!” The banner-stalk embroidery is … Continue reading

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Cell phone charging “station”, some armchair philosophy (or maybe sociology?), and mini-freak-out

Here are the pics, if you just want to see something that takes 30 seconds to design and 3 hours to execute: And here comes the armchair philosophy, if you’re interested in that. Duality is one of the most basic … Continue reading

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College art contest!

The college I’m going to is running an art contest. Can you guys see where this is going? * * * * (Go ahead. Guess.) * * * *     (Yes, that is my open Facebook in the second … Continue reading

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Upcycle: T-shirt into pillow

Entree of pop culture+a heaping helping of nerd+a shirt that doesn’t fit=NERD COUTURE PILLOW You can’t see it very well, but it says “The party doesn’t start until I derive.” The edges were sewn shut with a running stitch and … Continue reading

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