Circle skirt!

I found this tutorial to make a circle skirt a few months ago, but never had a chance to do anything with it since the closest fabric store is a good forty minutes away.

Then Wal-Mart added a fabric section. $7.50 for 5 yards? (Which turned out to be more like 7?) Yes, please!

So  picked up a pretty floral pattern on a pink background – rather outside my usual style, but still rather nice – and got to work.

First up: Making a pattern. The handiest spare paper? Physics notes.

Oh, how I enjoyed cutting up those physics notes. I haven’t had that class in almost six months, but I still enjoyed it.

Next up: Cutting out the fabric in the shape of the pattern.

I could only find 45″ fabric, so I ended up needing to cut it out in two pieces. 😦

Up next: Hemming! And then sewing one side together! And then deviating from the tutorial because I couldn’t find thick elastic and making a casing! And then putting the elastic through! And then resewing the casing because I’m awful with a sewing machine and missed pieces of the fabric the first time around! And then sewing the elastic into a circle! And then sewing the last side together! (Note: If I’d sewn the sides together before making the casing, I would have saved myself some grief.)


(That’s just a plain white shirt, by the by.)

And there’s a close-up! (I’m actually on my knees here because my mirror isn’t hung.)

Edit 2/24: I wore this skirt for the first time in public today, because it’s currently 72 degrees and sunny here in Williamsburg. Wanna know what I learned?

DON’T MAKE THIS SKIRT OUT OF LIGHT FABRIC. Every time I walk down steps or the wind picks up, I have to pull a Marilyn to keep from flashing everyone. Make it out of a fabric that has a decent weight and save yourself some hassle.

Happy sewing! Stay golden!


About oygcrafts

I am a teenager who enjoys baking, embroidery, building & blowing things up, and shooting guns, bows, etc.
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