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Vegan pumpkin scones

My sister and I made pumpkin scones over the break! Full recipe here! HOWEVER – there are some problems with the recipe. There’s too much flour, too much ginger, and too little sugar in the original. Reducing the flour to … Continue reading

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“British Left Waffles on Falkland Island” I think that headline was from the British Telegraph, I’m not entirely sure. Long story short, that popped up in my language class when we were discussing ambiguity. Puns aside, I made waffles this … Continue reading

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Dreamcatcher earrings!

I wanted to make something. So I looked through my bin o’ stuff.┬áThe truly wonderful thing about having such a large selection of craft stuff is that things I usually gloss over will occasionally jump out at me. I saw … Continue reading

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T-shirt bag! (This post rambles and jumps topic a lot. You have been warned.)

I found a tutorial for a ruffled T-shirt bag from UrbanThreads ( and thought, “Hey! I can do that!” (Note: I actually couldn’t. I can’t sew ruffles onto things. I was smart enough to realize that before I made more … Continue reading

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Beaded headband

I picked up a $1.50 headband that was covered in fugly blue velour. So I remade the covering. With beads. And thread. And an old T-shirt. It’s not very good, but it’s a first attempt. Thanks for looking. Stay golden!

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