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Most of the time, I look at the stuff I do and go, “Meh.” Occasionally, I look at it and go “How did I manage that one? There’s no way I’m good enough to do that!” The banner-stalk embroidery is … Continue reading

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Cell phone charging “station”, some armchair philosophy (or maybe sociology?), and mini-freak-out

Here are the pics, if you just want to see something that takes 30 seconds to design and 3 hours to execute: And here comes the armchair philosophy, if you’re interested in that. Duality is one of the most basic … Continue reading

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Stupid economics definitions! (Not a craft, just funny/sad)

I was reading my econ textbook (Case & Fair, Principles of Microeconomics, 7th ed., 2004) and found myself staring in disbelief at some of the words defined. You ready? Some of these are truly pathetic. Scarce: Limited I think the … Continue reading

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Bracelet: Glass Pearls and Beads

This morning, I made a bracelet because I already learned the 16 phyla of the protists and plants and I wasn’t awake enough to learn the 39 sounds of the English language. (Seriously, dudes. Kill me now.) Anyway, I used … Continue reading

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