Spiral ring

I Stumbled onto this tutorial http://www.instructables.com/id/A-Simple-Wire-Ring to make a wire ring. I used a thinner wire, so it was much easier to bend. I didn’t have a ring mandrel, so I found a suitable alternative in my room.

The lid of an old lotion bottle, which was slightly too large but still useable.

Anyway, here’s the rings I made. One had a single loop, and one had a double.

Single-loop ring

Single-loop ring. Also, I have a weirdly-shaped hand.

Double-loop ring

So yeah. Totes go look up that tutorial by totemic on Instructables, because it is AWESOME.

Stay golden, everyone.


About oygcrafts

I am a teenager who enjoys baking, embroidery, building & blowing things up, and shooting guns, bows, etc.
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