Kitchen Experiment: Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

I ❤ pineapple. I ❤ cake. I ❤ pineapple upside-down cake.

This is a really easy recipe.

(I have never made it quite this way before. When I have it out of the oven and taste-tested by the girls on my college dorm hall, I will update.:) )


1 box of white cake mix (Target was out of white, so I will use vanilla) and oil/eggs to make it

1 can of sliced pineapple* (Target was also out of sliced pineapple, so I’ll be using crushed) in its own juice. NO SYRUP.

Cherries (optional; I use them when I bake for my family, but I personally ABHOR them)

Brown sugar

Vegetable oil

First, preheat oven to whatever the box of cake mix tells you.

Then, grease a 9×13 pan with the vegetable oil. (The Dollar Tree I went to didn’t have 9x13s, so I’ll be using a casserole pan.)

Coat the bottom of your pan liberally with brown sugar – don’t be stingy! We want a nice caramelization. (Maillard reaction, for my nerdily-inclined readers.)

Layer the pineapple. If using sliced pineapple and cherries, put one cherry in the hole in the middle of each ring.

Make cake mix according to box directions EXCEPT replace as much water as possible with pineapple juice.

Cover brown sugar and pineapple with cake batter. Cook according to box directions or until toothpick/knife/finger inserted in center comes out clean.

I know the cake is good when made with sliced pineapple. With crushed pineapple…time will tell.

Pics and reactions when I get this made tonight. (Of course, my Target-clearance-section $1 bowl broke, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it…I’ll fake it.)


10:30 UPDATE! WOO!

So I ended up using a Tupperware container to mix everything in and a plastic measuring spoon to crack the eggs. That went about as well as you’d expect.

On the bright side, everyone seemed to like it and I got a (hideously unhealthy) dinner out of it! Here are the promised pictures.

Looks a but like a yeasty bread that will taste nasty.Looks like a bad-tasting yeasty bread, doesn’t it?  You can see the part that was supposed to be shown when it flipped! Look! You can see the part that’s supposed to be seen when it’s flipped! (I didn’t have cooling racks, so it wasn’t flipped. Whatever.)


I actually carried that full pan all the way up and down my dorm steps to try to get rid of it. Total pieces gone at the end: 11.

Everyone says it’s good, though. Yay!


About oygcrafts

I am a teenager who enjoys baking, embroidery, building & blowing things up, and shooting guns, bows, etc.
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