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Upcoming project: crayon art

I can’t remember where I found this exact picture – maybe it was on Craftster, maybe it was on a different craft blog, maybe I just Googled “stuff to put on my depressingly white dorm walls.” In any event, I’ve … Continue reading

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Spiral ring

I Stumbled onto this tutorial to make a wire ring. I used a thinner wire, so it was much easier to bend. I didn’t have a ring mandrel, so I found a suitable alternative in my room. The lid … Continue reading

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College art contest!

The college I’m going to is running an art contest. Can you guys see where this is going? * * * * (Go ahead. Guess.) * * * *     (Yes, that is my open Facebook in the second … Continue reading

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IPA embroidery

It’s 5 o’clock on a Friday. Like every other college student in existence, I’m procrastinating. I happen to procrastinate in a dorkier way than most. So, I bring you . . . IPA embroidery!             … Continue reading

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Embroidery + Explosives!

For a blog that bills itself on needlework, woodwork, baking, cooking, and explosives, I have been stunningly deficient on both explosives and woodwork (although I guess you could consider that redone wall cabinet woodwork? Maybe? If you stretch the definition … Continue reading

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Music heart embroidery

This is why I normally don’t freehand anything. Lessons learned: French knot (the dots next to the bass clef) Never freehand Tighten fabric in embroidery hoop before drawing/tracing How to use an embroidery hoop (first embroidery using one) Never drop … Continue reading

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Kitchen Experiment: Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

I ❤ pineapple. I ❤ cake. I ❤ pineapple upside-down cake. This is a really easy recipe. (I have never made it quite this way before. When I have it out of the oven and taste-tested by the girls on … Continue reading

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