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UPCYCLED wall cabinet and a recent song

Hello, all! Long time no see. Basically, I picked up a wall cabinet at Goodwill for my dorm room. It cost $15. Here it is after I replaced the cork, which was falling apart: The “corkboard” they had made it … Continue reading

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NEW! I’m opening a store

I’m opening an online store. It’s very exciting. I will be selling jewelry (custom and pre-made) for both adults and children. All items will be sent via USPS flat-rate Priority Mail. More details will be up soon. Why did I … Continue reading

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Upcycle: T-shirt into pillow

Entree of pop culture+a heaping helping of nerd+a shirt that doesn’t fit=NERD COUTURE PILLOW You can’t see it very well, but it says “The party doesn’t start until I derive.” The edges were sewn shut with a running stitch and … Continue reading

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Jewelry, Harry Potter and otherwise

Earrings I made in an afternoon:  All of these came from a $4.50 kit at Wal-Mart.   Jewelry I made for my college roommate!  Necklace made with seed beads, silver wire, and various beads in my craft bin    Bracelet … Continue reading

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